The Money Culture Foundation aims to improve life insurance culture in the Central and Eastern European region. Since 2014, it has participated in the organisation of the regular annual event series of the Budapest Life Insurance Summit, promoting co-operation and knowledge-sharing across the sector.
The summit is organised annually, by tradition in Budapest, where we also welcome representatives of other countries in the region. By tradition, presentations are delivered by members of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a global, independent organisation for financial advisors world-wide, while the audience consists of recognised financial advisors and members of the management of insurance companies and intermediaries. Participants can discuss current challenges in the insurance sector and the opportunities they offer at formal and informal meetings. One shared objective is to improve insurance penetration, which is also in the interests of society and the national economy. Well-recognised industry specialists are happy to share their knowledge and personal experiences with colleagues eager to learn.
In addition to the professional aspects, the Conference also offers a platform for the charitable activities of the Money Culture Foundation, which, each year, identifies and tries to help families that have fallen on hard times due to an unexpected tragedy (life insurance event) and a lack of life insurance cover, facing unsurmountable difficulties in maintaining the family’s usual standard of living without the Foundation’s support.


VI. Budapest Life Insurance Summit

The Budapest Life Insurance Summit is a regular, annual meeting organised for internationally recognised sales specialists active in the life insurance industry, attracting leading life insurance specialists and managers from Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region.

Participation at the conference is subject to the timely registration of applicants and the acceptance of their registration by the organiser. The event is open to life insurance sales specialists from Hungary and the region, who may come and honour the event with their participation.

The international recognition of speakers is demonstrated primarily by their MDRT qualifications, as well as their popular global publications, innovative, efficiency-boosting industry-level solutions, presentations, mentoring, training and coaching programmes and invitations to other well-recognised professional events.

Speakers invited to the event are presenters who have previously spoken in front of MDRT audiences.

By tradition, the event is organised in Budapest, and therefore we anticipate interest primarily from the Central and Eastern European region; however, we welcome all interested parties from anywhere in the world.

The original aim of the Budapest Life Insurance Summit was to create an independent, institutionalised platform for regular meetings and exchanges between Hungarian and foreign experts.

Over the past years, local objectives have been elevated to a regional level, changing the aim of the Budapest Life Insurance Summit to bringing leading global life insurance sales specialists to Budapest, offering an opportunity to Eastern European specialists to meet them, learn from them and create a healthy exchange.

The Speakers also support the industry-wide charitable activities of the Money and Culture Foundation.

Relying on the resources available to it, each year the Money and Culture Foundation identifies and financially supports families who fall on hard times due to a lack of life insurance (and who could have avoided such dire consequences with proper life insurance cover). This way, the Foundation contributes to the development of life insurance culture and the elevation of the industry’s reputation by emphasising the importance of solidarity.

Each year, the Conference focuses on different topics, depending on the most relevant current challenges faced by the industry and its representatives in sales.

This year’s meeting on October 18th is the consecutive sequel to last year’s events.
Our conference in 2019 continues to focus on digitalization.
– How it affects your everyday routine
– What it changes and what it doesn’t
– How to use digital presence to build the biggest possible clientele
– How digital presence can put you in the pole position

How do you build trust in social media?
A topic brought up in January and further discussed in September, now it’s time to line up and share the best tools and practices. This meeting gives you useful information whether you managed to attend the past two events or not.
Our speakers are life insurance professionals from Scotland, England and Lebanon this year, all running successful businesses in their home countries.